Hello world!

An old English professor told me many years ago, “You’ve got to take the time to enjoy sunsets.  No two are ever the same.” What can I tell you, I’ve been given an assignment to start another blog, great!  Well I started this blogging thing years ago in the hope you let people know about me.  A friend told me if I’d open up to the world, I’d surely be married (or at least in a serious relationship) in about two years.  Well it’s been over 8 mango seasons later and I’m still single.  So as I quickly approach my birthday before I turn a half-a-century, I will pass and drop knowledge to my people out there.  I will forward some useful links which may come handy to you; my random thoughts from my scattered mind, my salsa mirrors life lessons as well as some of the Shadowisms which have come to be become part of  the colloquialisms of this town.  I will share some of my stories which make me tick.  Hopefully, I’ll get and “A.” if not at least meet Ms. Right (or better yet, you’ll enjoy your next sunset).  This is all for now.  Hope you comment and come back for the next segment.  Cojelo con take it easy…

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